Tuesday, August 03, 2004

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Saturday, July 31, 2004

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By Trisha Monks [vixenswarrior-women]

(MF FF cons inc oral anal rim Msolo)

Marko looked up at the grey clouds gathering overhead
and felt on his face the first drop of rain. At his
side, the sergeant clicked his tongue and cursed the

"A storm is brewing," he said. "I pity you, Marko
Manza, for you'll be soaked to your skin unless you
find some shelter in the wild lands. The Captain has a
hard heart if he expects you to go out on a night-
patrol under this hostile sky."

"It's my turn to scout the high ridge," Marko replied.
"So I have to go out, whatever the conditions. But
I'll be alright, I guess, if I can reach the old
watchtower before the storm breaks."

"Go quickly, then," said the sergeant. "The rain is
already upon us."

Marko saw the speckle of raindrops on his red tunic
and smiled grimly. Then, with a wave to the sergeant,
he strode off towards the north gate of the fortress.

"Be careful out there!" the sergeant called after him.
"Enemy rangers have been seen on the hilltops, so keep
a tight grip on your spear!"

Marko turned briefly to lift his spear in farewell,
before breaking into a run and disappearing beneath
the looming archway of the gate.

Evening fell quickly in the wilderness, a cloak of
shadow veiling the upland paths that led to the high
rocky slopes. A steady drizzle began to fall and a
strong breeze flowed in from the west. Marko toiled
wearily up the stony tracks, glancing anxiously at the
darkening sky and wondering when the storm would come.
Black night was all around him when he eventually
reached the summit of the ridge. He halted for breath,
peering back down towards the lowlands, but saw
nothing beyond the dark grey rain-curtain.

It was then that the storm broke. A biting rain came
lashing down, assailing Marko like a hail of arrows.
He ran on, following a twisting path along the ridge,
trying to dodge the boulders but tripping many times.
His vision was blinded by the rainstorm and his
uniform clung to his cold limbs, the wet cloth
chilling his bones until his legs ached. Strands of
black hair stuck to his brow and pricked his eyes.

On and on he ran, but the storm showed no sign of
lessening. A tall dark shape loomed ahead, rising a
hundred feet into the night sky: the old watchtower.
In ancient days it had guarded the high path, but in
recent times it had lain abandoned. The sight of it
made Marko's spirit's rise. He thought of the leather
sack inside his backpack, in which he had carefully
stowed flint and dry tinder. With luck, the previous
night's patrol would have left a store of firewood in
the tower, in the secret cellar under the floor.

He reached the entrance to the tower and passed
swiftly inside, closing the door and shutting out the
storm. Glancing around the chamber he saw only shadows
along the bare stone walls and, opposite the door, the
wooden stairway that climbed to the upper levels. Too
relieved to be out of the storm he paid no attention
to the candle flickering in a niche at the foot of the
stair. Shaking the rain from his hair he unbuttoned
his tunic, hanging it on a peg near the door. He
kicked off his boots, took off his trousers and pulled
a cloak from the leather sack in his pack, wrapping it
around his naked body as he stamped his cold feet on
the pine-planked floor.

It was then that he became aware of the candlelight
and realised that he was not alone. The cloak fell
from his shoulders as he reached for his spear.
Creeping quietly across the floor, he went to the foot
of the stairway and peered upward, seeing a dim yellow
glow filtering down from above. There was no sound
other than the pounding of his heartbeat.

At that moment the outer door opened and a young woman
darted inside, shutting the door quickly behind her.
She was about twenty years of age and wore a long
hooded cloak of brown leather which she hastily took
off to hang on the peg. Her skin was pale and her
black hair was cut close to her head. When she found a
dripping red tunic on the peg she spun around with a
startled cry and saw Marko standing near the stairs.
For a brief instant their eyes met across the room.
Marko knew that she recognized his uniform, and he in
turn noted her outfit of tight-fitting grey breeches
and loose green shirt. Before he had chance to issue a
challenge the woman reopened the door and dashed out
into the stormy darkness

Marko ran to the door, his naked body shivering less
with the night-chill than with his surprise and fear
at finding the tower occupied by an enemy.

"A Ranger!" he hissed through chattering teeth.

"Halt!" said a female voice behind him.

Turning around, Marko gasped in astonishment, for the
woman was now standing on the lower steps of the
stairway, a drawn sword in one hand and a dagger in
the other. She was tall, almost as tall as he, and her
lithe form spoke of strength and agility. She glared
at him, her pale face a grimacing mask of hatred, her
eyes twinkling like cold blue crystals With her black
hair cropped short she looked almost like a boy, but
beneath her fierce expression Marko saw that she was
very beautiful.

"A curse on your devilry!" he retorted. "How is it
that you come behind me, after vanishing into the
night only a moment ago? Are you a phantom, or a

The woman stepped off the stair and advanced slowly
towards him. Marko had enough experience of soldiering
to know that here was an opponent whom he could not
defeat in a duel. She exuded the cool confidence of an
expert swordmaiden who was accustomed to slaying her

"Go upstairs!" she commanded, standing aside and
pointing her sword at his panting belly.

Marko had no choice but to obey. He was neither
cowardly nor inept, but there seemed little reason to
throw his life away needlessly. Besides, he and his
comrades had been warned by their sergeants to never
tackle a ranger alone.

He climbed slowly and warily up the stairs, aware of
the sword-point behind his thighs as the woman
followed him. At the top of the stairway he passed
through a door and entered a windowless chamber that
had once provided living-quarters for the tower's
garrison. A small fire blazed in the old stone hearth
but the room was otherwise bare. Many candles burned
in the corners, their yellow light chasing shadows
around the walls. Two sheepskin blankets lay together
in the middle of the planked floor, and beside them
stood two leather bottles and a plate of cold beef.
Near the fire a spear and two longbows lay wrapped in
a brown leather cloak. Marko noticed that the cloak
was dry, and he turned to the woman as she closed the
door behind her.

"Surely you are a witch?" he said. "Outside the
rainstorm rages, yet your cloak shows no hint of
dampness. Was it a trick of my eyes when I saw you
dash out of the tower?"

"Sit on the sheepskins!" said the woman, ignoring his
questions. "Are you hungry? Help yourself to meat and

Marko felt the sheepskin soft and warm on his skin as
he sat down. Despite his nakedness he needed no
blanket, for the fire warmed the room and there was no
draught from the doorway. Taking a sip of wine and a
mouthful of beef, he stared up at the woman as she
stood over him, her sword hovering close to his neck.

"What are you going to do with me?" he inquired.

"That we have yet to decide," the woman answered.

"We?" asked Marko, giving her a puzzled frown.

The door opened quietly and another woman entered the
room. Marko's jaw dropped and the beef almost fell
from his mouth, for his captor and the newcomer were
identical in face and form and raiment. He suddenly
understood, laughing quietly when he realised that his
eyes had not tricked him after all.

"This is no sorcery," he observed. "You're twins!"

The two women gazed down at him, while his glance
flicked from face to face. "Incredible!" he added.
"There is no difference between you, not even in the
curl of an eyelash or the shape of a fingernail. Is
there nothing to distinguish one twin from the other?"

"Our names distinguish us," the newcomer answered. "I
am called Lorna Raven. And this is Finn Raven, my
sister. But your name I know already, Marko Manza, for
it is sewn on the inner pocket of your tunic."

Marko gave her a smile, and was surprised to see it
returned. The other twin lowered her sword and
breathed a long heavy sigh, before sitting on the
sheepskin beside him and stretching out her legs.

"Forgive my hostility," she said, taking off her boots
and wiggling her toes. "On such a night as this we
should forget that we are enemies. We must remember
instead that we are all comrades against the great

Marko handed her one of the leather bottles and she
drank deeply from it, before passing it to her sister.
Lorna took the bottle and drained its contents as she
sat down on the sheepskins and looked keenly at the
naked man. Her eyes roamed over his skin until he felt
that he was being inspected like a beast at market.
Then, with a curling grin, she glanced at her sister.

"Your thought is the same as mine, Finn?" she asked.

Finn nodded, and Lorna's blue eyes narrowed as she
stared intently at Marko. He smiled at her again, but
this time she kept her mouth fixed in a grin, and for
a moment he felt uncertain. Swallowing another morsel
of beef he broke the uneasy silence with a question.

"Why are you here?" he asked. "Is this the first time
you have camped in our tower?"

"This tower does not belong to you," Finn replied. "It
lies on your frontier, but your people do not own it.
My sister and I discovered it last week, but this is
our first night here, and probably our last."

"Tomorrow we leave these hills," Lorna explained.
"With our comrades we have spent a month scouting the
upland trails, but now our business here is done. We
have drawn a map for the generals, and soon this ridge
will be swarming with our noble king's soldiers."

Finn nudged Marko's ribs and chuckled. "Make sure
you're not around when that happens, or you'll die
with the rest of the Redshirt rabble."

Marko shrugged. "If I die, I die. If the gods will my
death, then so be it. I care not."

"Nonsense!" Finn scoffed. "This life is too good to be
shrugged off like an old worn cloak. Do your days have
no joy?"

"Sometimes," Marko replied. "But my days at the
fortress are long and hard, with duties from dawn to

"And what about the nights?" Lorna inquired, reaching
forward to prod his knee. "Is there no joy after
nightfall, or do you not find the peasant girls

Marko grinned, gulping a mouthful of wine from the
second bottle. "I go into the village on Saturday
nights," he explained. "And yes, I do enjoy the
company of girls."

"No doubt they are pleased to see you," said Finn.
"For you are quite a handsome fellow, with a kindly
face and a good physique."

Lorna laughed, prodding Marko's knee again. "What my
sister really means is that you have a lean muscular
body and a fine long cock, but she is far too coy to
speak so plainly."

Finn kicked out, catching Lorna's knee with her foot.
Lorna feigned a squeal of pain and slapped her twin's
bare ankle.

"No fighting, please!" said Marko, smiling as he
grabbed Lorna's wrist. "If you kill each other, I'll
be left all alone to sup this wine by myself, and I
would not want that."

Lorna twisted her wrist from his grip and scratched
his thigh, her long fingernails leaving pink lines on
the skin, but the scratch was given too playfully to
hurt him.

"That felt good, comrade," he said, returning her
smile. "Perhaps you will allow me to show you how it

"Are all Redshirt soldiers so ungallant?" Lorna asked.
"Or are you just bolder than most?"

Marko chuckled, feeling the wine warming his veins and
easing his mood. He met Lorna's gaze and held it,
inwardly admiring her beauty and wondering if she and
her sister were truly identical under their clothes.
He wondered, too, what they might look like with long
hair, though the short style certainly suited their

"Take your trousers off," said Finn, tapping her
sister's booted foot. "Let our guest scratch your leg,
if that is what he desires."

Marko raised his eyebrows and lifted the bottle to his
mouth, keeping his gaze fixed on Lorna as she wriggled
out of her tight grey breeches. It did not surprise
him that she was naked beneath them. His eyes roamed
to the top of her legs, lingering on a trimmed
triangle of bristles as black as the hair on her head.
He swallowed deeply and passed the bottle to Finn.

"Don't scratch me!" said Lorna, as he leaned forward
with his right arm outstretched. "Touch me, if you
like, but I do not want to be scratched."

Marko shrugged, redirecting his hand from her thigh to
her crotch. He half expected her to slap his face when
he touched the black triangle, but instead she sat
back and stared at him. When his finger wandered down
through the bristles to caress the top of her slit she
gave a small gasp, her blue eyes widening and her
nostrils flaring.

"I did not give you permission to touch me there!" she
protested, but without any hint of anger in her voice.

"He likes you, sister," Finn observed, pointing to the
cockstem stiffening in Marko's lap. "Are you not
flattered by his boldness?"

Lorna chuckled. "Indeed I am! But his arrogance is
truly astounding."

"I need no invitation to touch a pretty girl," said
Marko, moving his finger slowly up and down her slit.
"But I'll stop if you command it."

"Don't stop," Lorna whispered, sucking air through
clenched teeth as his fingertip probed between her

Marko whistled softly when he felt Finn's hand clasp
his erect manhood near the base of the shaft, but his
rhythmic stroking of Lorna's cunt never faltered.
Beside him he Finn murmured under her breath. He
smiled, for he heard the compliment that she bestowed
on his cock. Lorna heard it too, and her eyes fell to
the hard flesh-spike that now stood proudly in his

"No doubt those peasant girls consider themselves
lucky," she said. "Do they form a queue to taste your
impressive meat?"

Marko laughed, shaking his head. "Life would be too
easy if such things happened. But I never refuse
assistance from a soft mouth."

Lorna pulled away from his hand and sat back, before
rising to her knees and shuffling forward. Her fingers
unbuttoned her green shirt and eased it off her
shoulders. Marko's wide-eyed stare made her smile, and
she knelt upright, straightening her spine so that her
breasts swelled and lifted.

Marko cleared his throat with a small cough. His usual
preference for long-haired women was forgotten as he
feasted his eyes on Lorna's loveliness. The trimmed
black hair on her head and at her crotch contrasted
sharply with the smooth pallor of her skin, and her
body bore the shapely perfection of a marble statue.
The loose shirt had concealed the delicious curves of
her breasts, which were the finest that Marko had seen
in a long while. The pale orbs were crowned by small
pink nipples that looked like strawberries nestling in
snow. His mouth watered at the prospect of curling his
tongue around such delicious fruit.

To his delight, Lorna crouched forward and splayed his
legs with her hands, putting her head between his
thighs. Briefly she looked up at him, flashing a
mischievous grin as her sister's hand lifted his
manhood into a vertical position.

Marko gasped when Lorna's tongue began licking his
upright cock. She seemed to know precisely what he
enjoyed most, for the tip of her tongue ran up and
down the side of his erection from root to tip. Each
lick started at his scrotum, then roamed over Finn's
clutching fingers, before tantalising the hard shaft
and the shiny purple cockhead. He threw back his head
and laughed, barely believing that the deadly storm
had guided him to such unexpected pleasures.

"Is there room enough for two?" asked Finn, and to
Marko's amazement she crouched between his legs to
join her sister in licking his cock. Each twin now
used a thumb and forefinger to hold the shaft aloft,
their tongues simultaneously running up and down its
ten-inch length. When Marko looked down and saw two
dark heads and two pale identical faces bobbing
together in his lap he thought for a moment that he
must be dreaming.

"This is too good to be true!" he said, voicing his
thought aloud.

He took a sharp breath when he saw the two tongues
meet as they curled around his cockhead. The twins
gave a simultaneous giggle, and Marko smiled,
expecting their tongues to part company. Instead, and
to his complete astonishment, the tongues entwined,
the sisters' mouths joining in a lingering kiss.

Marko hissed in disbelief, and again the girls
giggled, before breaking from the kiss to resume their
cock-licking duties. Strange questions sprang in
Marko's puzzled brain and he watched the twins
closely, wondering what curious deed they might
perform next. Finn looked up and saw the bewilderment
in his brown eyes. With a smile she withdrew her head
from his lap and knelt up, the edges of her mouth
glistening with saliva. Lorna followed suit almost
immediately, and both women met Marko's frown with
gentle laughter.

"Are you shocked, Redshirt?" asked Finn.

Marko shrugged. "Nothing shocks me, Ranger Girl. But
whatever you and your sister do together is your own
business, and no man should comment upon it."

"A gallant answer!" said Lorna. "But why should I not
kiss my close kin?"

Marko gave a knowing smile. "I am not blind, lady. I
saw clearly what you did."

Finn reached out to caress Lorna's face. "Let us not
deceive him, my sister. He is an honourable man."
then, turning to Marko, she added: "Would you like to
see more?"

A hot flush coursed through his veins, tingling
through the middle of his cockstem and making his
throat feel dry. He felt like a man who unlocks a dark
box to discover a secret treasure that his eyes are
not meant to see. But he looked at the twins and
marvelled at their beauty, his gaze flitting from one
to the other, still trying to see a difference between
them. Their mutual kiss had indeed shocked him, though
he refused to admit it aloud, but the deed was so
strange that the sight of it had aroused him
intensely. He felt curious to know how far they would
journey along such a forbidden path.

"Yes, lady," he replied, after a pause. "If you have
more to reveal, then please show it."

Finn took off her green shirt and squirmed out of her
tight grey trousers, stripping leisurely under the
gaze of her sister and Marko, uncovering the nakedness
of her pale body with slow and deliberate movements.

"Identical from head to toe!" said Marko. "Like
reflections in a mirror."

He fell silent, watching in growing excitement as the
twins knelt before him, facing each other, their pale
naked bodies touching as they embraced. Lorna's hands
clasped her sister's slender waist, while Finn's arms
coiled around Lorna's neck, her fingers caressing the
tiny soft hairs at the nape. Their mouths again met in
a kiss, their lips clasping as hungrily as the lips of
eager young newlyweds. Marko's hand gripped his stiff
manhood and began rubbing the foreskin back and forth
over the cockhead, deep gasps issuing from his throat
as he gazed at the siblings.

Lorna's hands dropped onto her sister's hips and
curled around to clasp Finn's firm round buttocks.
Marko stared in disbelief, hearing Finn moan softly
through the kiss as her ass-cheeks were lovingly
squeezed. He saw the twins' nipples touching, the pink
tips slowly disappearing as the pert white breasts
pressed close together. He watched in awe as Lorna's
left hand crept around the front of her sister's body
to touch Finn's crotch, bringing forth a small cry of
pleasure and a shiver of delight.

Lorna withdrew from the kiss to gaze at her sister's
face, her blue eyes shining as she stared unblinking
at Finn, whose long eyelashes fluttered on her pale
skin like black moth-wings.

"I'm ready," Finn whispered.

Lorna sat back on her haunches, allowing her twin to
stretch out her smooth legs and sit upright. Finn
supported her body on her arms and inhaled deeply,
turning her gaze upon Marko, who sat masturbating
silently. Both women chuckled at his transfixed
expression, and Lorna snapped her fingers under his

"Wake up, Redshirt!" she called softly. "I have warmed
my sister's sweet hole for your mighty spike."

Marko broke from the trance and crawled across the
sheepskin, feeling the wool caressing his knees as he
approached Finn. Baring her teeth in a grin, she lay
back, stretching her legs and parting her thighs to
accommodate him as he clambered on top of her.
Propping his torso on his muscular arms he looked down
at her face and almost ejaculated at the loveliness of
her smile.

She purred like a white kitten when his hard aching
cock slipped between her moist cunt-lips, her hands
reaching around his hips to clasp his firm ass. Both
she and Marko gasped in unison when he began to thrust
slowly in and out of her slit, their senses savouring
every inch of each other's flesh. Lorna appeared at
her sister's side, snuggling close to Finn and
caressing her breasts, her fingers tracing delicate
circles around the stiffening teats. Seeing their
beautiful, identical faces beneath him made Marko
groan, his testicles throbbing as he struggled to
restrain a huge orgasm. The effort brought sweat
trickling down his face and he wondered how much
longer he could rein in his climax.

When at last he mastered himself, he resumed his slow
thrusting and drew a few breaths, his chest still
heaving and panting when he whispered to the twins:
"I'll wager it must be like peering into a looking-

Finn lay too absorbed in the fuck to answer him, but
Lorna looked up and winked. "More than that,
Redshirt," she replied. "For when I lie with my sister
it is as if I stare into a magic mirror, a mirror that
makes my own reflection writhe as I touch the glass.
Can you imagine how amazing that feels?"

Marko shook his head, droplets of sweat falling from
his hair to spatter Finn's breasts and the hands of
her sister that caressed them.

"No, lady," he whispered. "I cannot imagine it. Nor do
I dare think openly about it, for what you are doing
is forbidden by every god in the heavens."

"The gods know nothing!" Lorna hissed, her eyes
glittering. "They do not know what happens when twins
make love. Nothing in this world feels more sacred. We
become one mind, one body, one spirit. So let the gods
curse us, for they do not own our souls."

She smiled up at Marko, and he bent his head to kiss
her, his tongue curling into her soft warm mouth. Her
kiss was far better than any he had ever tasted
before. He transferred his mouth to Finn, feeling the
same softness, the same warmth. It all proved too much
for him, and he surrendered his body to orgasm,
ejaculating with a hoarse yell and squirting the juice
of his loins deep within Finn's flesh. Her own climax
arrived simultaneously, but came so gently and so
quietly that Marko barely noticed it.

His cock was still oozing white fluid when Finn let it
slip from her body. Wriggling aside, she crawled away
from beneath the arch of his torso, her place being
instantly taken by Lorna. Marko sighed wearily, his
eyes pleading for a pause while he regained his
strength and composure. But Lorna sighed impatiently
and whispered something to Finn, who nodded and gave a
small giggle.

"What's so funny?" Marko asked Lorna.

"Nothing," she replied, grinning up at his puzzled
face as she lay beneath him. "But I want your cock
inside me now, not in half an hour. So Finn has kindly
agreed to help."

Marko frowned, becoming aware that Finn had crawled
behind him, though he could not see what she intended
to do.

"Hellfire!" he hissed suddenly, feeling a wet tongue
licking between his buttocks.

"My sister will soon make you hard again," Lorna
explained. "Just relax, and let her coax you back to

"Oh gods!" Marko rasped, clenching his teeth as Finn's
tongue explored between his thighs, the tip flicking
the sensitive skin at the back of his scrotum.

"Good! Good!" Lorna chuckled, her hand reaching down
to clutch his glistening manhood. "I feel the life
returning to your spike."

Finn's tongue slicked around his testicles, making
them tingle and throb as his shaft stiffened. With a
moan he relaxed the muscles of his lower body,
allowing Finn's finger to worm inside his asshole. No
woman had ever penetrated him so intimately, but the
sensation felt so pleasurable that he made no protest.
He wondered if a spell had indeed been cast upon him
by these strange and exotic twins. But, if so, he did
not wish for the magic to be broken.

"Thank you, Finn!" said Lorna. "Your skill has
restored him."

Marko took a breath and grinned down at her. Then,
with a sigh, he slowly entered her body, feeling her
cunt tighten around his shaft, even as Finn's had
done. Having climaxed once he hoped to be able to
prolong the fuck for several minutes, for he desired
to savour it before all his juice was expended. He
perceived from the expression in Lorna's half-closed
eyes that she, too, expected a leisurely shafting.

Marko had reckoned without Finn, who remained kneeling
behind him, her finger having withdrawn from his
asshole as soon as his cock entered her sister. He had
given Lorna's cunt a dozen slow thrusts when he felt
Finn's hands clasping his buttocks and forcing them
apart. A shuddering groan issued from his throat as
she licked along the cleft between them. His head
tossed back, his dark hair brushing his muscular
shoulders as Finn's tongue began licking gently around
his asshole. Marko had performed the same task on
several girlfriends in the past, and they had seemed
to enjoy it, but never had the favour been returned.
When the hot wet tip of her tongue penetrated him he
experienced a sensation so exquisite that he yelled a
curse to the candlelit ceiling. The sensation
intensified when Finn's left hand cupped his dangling
scrotum to stroke his aching testicles and the
crinkled skin that held them. With the thumb and
forefinger of her right hand she gently squeezed the
base of his cock while the shaft slipped in and out of
her sister's cunt. The pleasure was almost too much to
bear, but Marko rose to the challenge, determined to
make the experience last as long as possible.

He did everything he could to prolong it, even closing
his eyes against the sight of Lorna's beautiful face
and her perfect breasts squirming beneath him. He was
obliged to interrupt his cock-thrusts more than once
to repress a second climax. The sensation of Finn's
tongue wriggling in his rear passage, the ache in his
testicles as she caressed them, the pulsing pleasure
at the base of his cock as her fingers squeezed it,
and the delicious texture of Lorna's cunt as it
enveloped his manhood, all combined to push him to the
brink of orgasm. But still he managed to hold back.

He wanted to control his climax long enough to allow
Lorna to reach her own, but his arousal became so
intense that the strain of suppressing an orgasm was
making his testicles feel as heavy as balls of iron.
Sweat dripped into his eyes and trickled down his
chest. His heart pounded like a drum and his head
began to feel dizzy. To his relief Lorna climaxed, her
cunt-muscles pulsing in rhythm with her gasps and
sighs, her spine arching upward and her limbs
stiffening. The vision hurled Marko to the brink,
plunging him into a powerful orgasm. With a shout of
delight he released his pent-up juices, his cock
unleashing copious jets of fluid that sprayed
furiously into Lorna's cunt. Weariness rolled over him
like a wave and his arms weakened, his body swaying as
it toppled. Lorna gave a breathless gasp and wriggled
aside, even as Marko sank onto his belly. Only then
did Finn's tongue abandon his asshole, though his
senses were too frayed to notice.

For a moment he lay there, face down on the floor, his
limbs twitching and lifeless, his oozing cock flaccid
and slimy beneath him, his rear passage still tingling
in the aftermath of its thorough probing by Finn's

"This is a dream," he whispered, opening his eyes and
taking a deep breath.

Lifting his weary head he looked around and saw the
twins sitting cross-legged a few feet away, facing
each other and whispering quietly. Their lips met in a
gentle kiss, their hands lifting to stroke each
other's short black hair. Lorna's fingers traced the
delicate shape of her sister's ears before falling
onto Finn's shoulders and breasts. Marko grinned, his
mind still feeling a certain unease at the strange
bond between the siblings but his eyes feasting with
delight on the tenderness of the scene.

"It should seem so wrong," he said aloud. "But somehow
it looks so right."

They turned their identical faces to smile at him,
their loveliness making him swallow hard. Lorna rose
to her feet and walked over to the place where their
packs were stowed. She knelt down with her back to
Marko and rummaged for a while, pulling forth two grey
wool blankets and two small white pillows. From the
rear she looked to Marko like a young boy-soldier, a
crop-haired cadet preparing for sleep on his first
night away from home. As she crouched over the pack he
saw the candlelight glistening on the moisture that
trickled down her inner thighs. Despite his weariness
he felt a strong urge to fuck both twins again, and he
wondered if he could summon enough energy for the
task. With a yawn he sat up and stretched his arms.

"Time to sleep, I guess," he said.

Lorna laid the blankets and pillows on the sheepskins
while Finn drained the last dregs of wine. Marko rose
slowly, hearing his knee-joints crack, and walked
slowly to the door. The twins stopped what they were
doing to look at him.

"I'm just going downstairs to fetch my blanket," he
explained. "Also, I desperately need the latrine."

"Be quick, then," Finn replied. "I'm bursting!"

Marko went down to the ground floor of the tower and
pulled a blanket from his pack. The candle at the foot
of the stairway was sputtering, its light already
fading. Beyond the outer door he heard the rain
lashing the wild lands, but it seemed that the worst
of the storm was now over. After a quick visit to the
latrine he returned to the upper room, passing Finn as
she hurried down the stairs. In the room he found
Lorna lying on the sheepskins, her body under a
blanket. All save one of the candles had been snuffed
out, but the gentle glow of the fire still gave a
little light. Lorna indicated with her hand that he
should place himself in the middle. As he lay down
beside her she put her arm around his chest and
snuggled up to him.

Having emptied his bladder, Marko felt renewed vigour,
and his cock began to stiffen beneath his blanket.
Even in the darkness of the room Lorna saw it rise,
the shaft making a small tent that attracted the
attention of her fingers. Marko inhaled deeply when
she began caressing his manhood through the thin wool.
Lorna chuckled mischievously.

"Perhaps we won't fall asleep just yet," she
whispered. "Can you manage it?"

Marko nodded, grinning as he turned to kiss her
forehead. "Let's wait for your sister!" he replied.


The Magic Mirror. 2004 Trisha Monks.

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Friday, July 30, 2004

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Wednesday, July 28, 2004

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: <20031127205750.99956.qmailweb14903.mail.yahoo>
Thinking Horndog <imathinker>
XOriginal Thu, 27 Nov 2003 12:57:50 0800 (PST)
{} {ASS} Second Best 117/136 {Thinking Horndog} (mmf 1st oral)
Thu, 27 Nov 2003 18:10:07 0500



gillbates, dennyw

Chapter 117.

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<1st attachment, "SecBest117.txt" begin>

Author: Thinking Horndog
Title: Second Best
Part: 117
Universe: Second Best
Summary: A fulllength novel that follows several young couples and their
families through the period immediately preceding their Senior Prom.
Keywords: mmf 1st oral

Keywords for full story: Fsolo, Ffinc, MF Ffm MF mf oral anal bd D/s Mg
inc Fminc mm mmf rom MFreluc

Chapter 117
The m�nage

Fat Mary sat back in her armchair, smiling. Teddy's attention had
drifted back to the video obviously, he hadn't much exposure to porn, and
this was pretty heavy stuff and apparently, right up his alley. Stick sat
rooted, trying to figure out just how to get the ball rolling.

"Boys, boys!" Mary chuckled, "what about the 'grand experiment'? All
of the obstacles are gone, and you guys are just sitting there like lumps!"

Stick and Teddy shared a glance. Stick rumbled, "It's kinda
different, here not so..."

"Anonymous?" Mary smiled lazily. She got up and walked over to stand
behind the couch and dropped her hand onto Stick's back, rubbing gently.
The boy was as rock hard as he was narrow Mary wondered if he managed to
eat well... "Why don't you both shuck off a few layers of clothing and get
a little closer together?" The boys traded a glance, and she continued,
chiding, "Come on, we've already laid out the ground rules let's relax and
have fun!"

The boys were in the process of discovering that they were
uncomfortable with each other; Stick stood up and shed his coat, eyeing
Teddy, who looked back nervously while mirroring the effort. Mary took both
and headed for the closet. When she turned from hanging them up, she could
see them, still watching one another as Stick worked at untucking his shirt
and Teddy fought with his cufflinks. It was laughable, really; the pair had
already participated in an intimate sexual act... "C'mon, boys!" Mary
chided, "Given what you're planning, and what you've ALREADY done, why all
of this effort at maintaining your machismo?" She returned to the couch,
noting that Stick looked sheepish, but Teddy looked scared. Mary sighed,
"Stick, you're in control, here Teddy's not the bravest soul, and he's
worried that he's gonna get taken, somehow. You need to make some kind of
good faith gesture, here. How about undershorts?"

Stick shrugged and resumed unbuttoning his shirt. "Okay by me."

Mary looked a bit sad, "I'd wear less, but you don't want me to..."

"Sheeit," Stick murmured mildly, "I seen Beulah! I'm bettin' you
can't beat that!" He made a face as he laid the shirt aside and stripped
off his undershirt, revealing a rockhard, if narrow, ebony chest.

Teddy's quiet gasp mirrored the one that happened in her head, but she
kept herself from actually making. She glanced quickly at Teddy maybe the
little shit WAS a homo... If so, she'd better get those cocksucking lessons
in the first wave, 'cause they'd be fighting over Stick. Stick continued to
undress, unperturbed as he shucked off his trousers. His jockey shorts
showed a serious tent.

Mary offered, "Well, I guess I could try this..." She unbuttoned the
single button holding the simple Vshaped slit in the front of the
nightdress and lifted her wide, sagging tits through the widened opening.
Stick went poker faced for a moment, then said, "Better that Beulah she's
got these huge blubbery saggy things with stretch marks across the top.
Looks like water balloons about to fall off her chest. Nice nips, too."

"Really?" Mary was taken somewhat by surprise. Her nipples, which
basically dripped off the lower end of her unimpressive flattish breasts,
were pink, and mounted on relatively wide areolas, but weren't cylindrical,
but rather flattened, like a pacifier. Nobody had ever said much nice about
them, or any other feature of her breasts, for that matter.

"Yeah," Stick continued, thoughtfully, "they look kinda...chewy." He
turned to Teddy, who was just stepping out of his pants, "Don'tcha think?"

Teddy, who was still a little loopy from overindulging in beer, peered
at them owlishly. "Uh huh! They won't make a swimsuit ad," He glanced up
at Mary's face apologetically, "but they look like they'd be fun to play

It's funny what words will do to you. Mary was ready for anything
from "Jeezus, cover them up!" to some insincere noise about how wonderful
her breasts were from Stick, but the somewhat ambivalent but blatantly
honest bit of approval she got sent a wash of emotion through her. Her
pussy tingled, and her knees went momentarily weak. Despite herself, Mary
got a little emotional: Her eyes got smoky and she husked, "No shit?"

"No shit," Stick agreed. Turning to Teddy, he exclaimed, "Hey, les'
try 'em!" Teddy blinked and nodded, and Stick propped a knee on the couch
and reached out with his right arm, pinning Mary to the back of the couch
and taking her left nipple between his lips. Teddy grinned and dived on her

Mary's instinctive attempt to escape Stick's grasp died as he began
gently teething on her sensitive bud, sending electrical flashes all over
her body. Teddy's mirror play left her vaguely comparing the texture of
Stick's wiry nap to Teddy's brown curls as she held both their heads to her
chest. The boys made a game of it, hissing and growling and grinning at
each other as they gently chewed on her ovoid nipples, feeling the gristly
flesh fill with blood and swell as the areolae crinkled behind them.

"Ooogh!" Mary's knees were weak with reaction, and she could feel the
wash of wetness as her vagina lubricated. "I expected to have to wait a
while..." She released the boys' heads and instead reached into Stick's
bulging jockeys with her left hand and Teddy's briefs with her right. The
results couldn't have been much different: Stick's cock was narrow, but had
serious length to it, Mary could tell even without seeing it. And Teddy's
seemed to be all broad head, it's much shorter length somewhat compensated
for by its unusual girth. Neither of the boys seemed to upset by this
development; after she slid the foreskins of each back and forth in a couple
of gentle jacks, Stick caught Teddy's eye and started shucking out of his
shorts, still maintaining hs liplock on Mary's now distended left nipple.
Teddy shrugged and started the somewhat more difficult process of extracting
himself from his briefs. Mary smiled; the distraction of working on her had
gotten the pair past their mutual embarrent. Then she gasped at
discovering the embarrent of riches revealed!

Stick's penis was still sizing and rising, but it looked long enough
to put both hands around, and Teddy sported a cock that looked a bit like an
anal intruder; it was mostly tip, and the spongy head started off narrow and
got to be almost the diameter of a soda can before the junction to his
relatively short shaft.

Eyeing Teddy's erection, Stick backed off Mary's nipple and announced,
"Best you don' let Beulah Tyrone see that it'd plug even HER gash." Teddy
grinned, but said nothing, eyeing the anaconda rising from Stick's crotch.

Mary agreed. "That's a sucking cock!" she observed, "and it's tailor
made for seconds!" Diffidently, she added, "My knees are getting kinda weak
want to move to the bed?"

Teddy looked mildly disappointed. "It's a long way from the TV..."

"Oh! Okay!" Mary laughed, "Let's fold out the couch, then!"

Stick nodded and reached for a cushion, "Cool!"

Mary circled around while Teddy grabbed the other cushion and Stick
reached for the bedframe handle, "Hey, uh, guys since we're gonna make a
night of it, do we need to call anyone?" She glanced at Stick, but her
attention was on Teddy...

...who took the bait: "Yeah, Ma will freak!"

Mary nodded. "Stick?"

"Nah. Nobody's lookin' for me! Shit, when I get home I'll probly
have to pull one'a my brother's heads outta the toilet to keep 'im from
drowning!" He tapped the mattress, which was covered with sheets(!)
Frankly, this went beyond Stick's experience. "Shit, this is better than
mine at the crib!"

Mary, reaching for the phone, pulled up, distracted. "You sleep on a

Stick went blas�, "Yeh."

Mary filed that one but forbore comment. Turning to Teddy, she handed
him the phone. "Dial it. I'll cover you."

Teddy took the receiver and dialed his home number, handing it back to
Mary while it was still ringing. Mary took it. "H'lo? Miz Frick? Mary
Nally...Oh, fine, fine everybody had a good time. Look, Miz Frick, I
don't think Teddy should drive home!" There was a loud babble on the other
end. "No, nothing like that we're at my house. Somebody spiked the punch
at the Prom, and poor Teddy absorbed some alcohol. His other date and I
think he should stay here until he's better... No, no, he's quite
comfortable here on the couch no reason to trouble yourself at this late
hour. We have plenty of room... Sure, I'll see to it he gets home okay
tomorrow we'll even put some breakfast in him! You want to talk to him?"

By now, neither of the boys could stifle a chuckle at the collection
of misleading statements and double entendres that Mary was feeding Mrs.
Frick... Teddy took a moment to compose himself, "Ma? No, I'm fine, but
better safe than sorry... No, my other date is sleeping over here we can
chaperone each other..." This brought broad grins from the other two.
"Okay, Ma I'll see you tomorrow morning sometime. G'night!" He hung up,
then locked eyes with Mary, "She's suspicious she'll probably call back!"

Sure enough, five seconds later, the phone rang. Mary picked it up,
"Nally... No, no problem I've got a spare toothbrush; I keep a stock of
new ones for friends who sleep over. No problem. G'night!" She snickered.
"Pretty thin what about toothbrushes?"

Teddy hung his head, embarrassed. "For what it's worth, she's
probably serious..."

"Poor Baby!!" Mary consoled, "Good thing she doesn't know we're gonna
haul your ashes for ya!"

Stick grinned, and handed Teddy his halfempty beer bottle, "Here,
after that, you probly need another snort!"

"Well..." Teddy grinned and took a sip. "I'll take it easy I don't
wanna miss anything!"

"We'll see that you don't!" Mary assured him. She crawled onto the
sofabed between the boys and took a cock in each hand, gently jacking. "So,
you want to learn about pussy, or go ahead with each other?"

Teddy was diffident. "I wanna see, but..." Flickering in the back of
his mind was the possibility that Mary's pussy might be rank...

Stick ignored that possibility; Mary seemed pretty fastidious to him.
"Well, I wanna see, at least! Teddy an' I got business, but I ain't goin'
DC 'til I SEEN AC!"

"Okay," Mary produced a Mona Lisa smile and lifted her legs, placing
her feet flat on the mattress. She took Teddy's hand and placed it on
Stick's cock to replace her own. With a wave, she encouraged Teddy to swap
ends so that he had an unimpeded view of both her pudenda and Stick's cock,
while continuing to jack his. Placing her left hand atop her mound, she
spread herself a bit with two fingers alongside her inner labia. "Okay,
this is a pussy. A fat one, I admit, but probably no worse than most..."
With an apologetic glance at Teddy, she retrieved her hand so she could
point out the landmarks. "These are the outer lips..." she pointed out the
fat outer covering, "and these are the inner ones..." She dragged her
finger along the thinner inner lips. Mary's inner lips were small and
narrow; the only area where they had much mass was the clitoral hood, which
she pointed out next: "Up, here, the inner lips cover the clit..." She
retracted them, displaying the tiny bud. "It's not much right now, but it
will swell up kind of like a cock when I get hotter..."

Both boys were fascinated. "That where you pee from?" Stick asked.

"No, not exactly," Mary replied. "It's a little below, see?" She
pointed out the area lower down, "And this is my vagina. Not to be uppity,"
she continued, loftily, "but it's MADE for cocks!"

Both boys laughed. "I'm sure it is!" Teddy teased.

Stick looked wistful. "Can I get a feel?"

Mary's eyelids drooped. "Sure, you both can. I'm not a virgin you
can't hurt anything..."

Teddy watched, feeling Stick's erection firm as he dragged his finger
along the damp valley between her inner labia, eliciting a quick indrawn
breath as he touched her clit, then gingerly inserted the damp digit into
her tunnel. Mary began to take on a flush. "I've got an ass, too..." she
related, "and IT isn't virgin, either..." She smiled lazily while both boys
considered this datum.

Stick extracted his finger and popped it into his mouth. "Mmmm, not
bad!" He wet it again from Mary's secretions and popped it into Teddy's
mouth. Teddy blinked and nodded agreement, following up with his own wet
finger exploration. Mary went back to jacking Teddy's foreskin back and
forth over his mushroom glans. Stick went back to chewing nipple, but laid
his left hand over Mary's pudenda and started rubbing her clitoral hood.

"Ummmmmm!" Mary purred. From her perspective, this was going pretty
well; the boys were deep into exploration and weren't busy watching their
backs, and she was getting more attention than one boy could comfortably

Teddy wasn't unhappy. He had a cock in one hand, and two fingers of
the other buried in Mary's damp channel, and both recipients of his
attention seemed pleased with his efforts.

Stick wasn't complaining, either. Teddy's hands were soft and gentle
on his raging cock, and chewing Mary's nips was fun! He was getting a
certain sense of accomplishment out of watching the flush steal down Mary's
chest as his efforts at chasing her clitoris around beneath its covering
bore fruit. It WAS getting bigger no great shakes, but definitely
findable at this point. Then Teddy made his day as warm lips settled over
the head of Stick's aching cock. "Ahhhhh! Damn!"

Mary's hips were starting to roll, and she figured she could do with a
taste, too, so she dropped over to her right, lifting her left leg onto the
couch back. Stick went with her, trying to maintain his lock on her breast,
but the position didn't work, so he settled for continuing to work on her
clit, using his thumb for the attack. Teddy surrendered her vagina, so
Stick took over, wetting and working two fingers into the tunnel. Mary
draped her leg over Stick's frame and her hips resumed rolling as she
succumbed to the attack.

With all of her adjustments made, Mary turned her attention to Teddy.
Lowering her lips over his erection, she discovered that he was indeed a
mouthful; the broad, flanged head spread her jaws wide. In addition, it
began to grow again almost immediately, the shaft extending further until
the foreskin was fully retracted. Mary grabbed Teddy's hips, for he was
thrashing like a gaffed fish!

Poor Teddy's experience as a recipient of sexual attentions was
exactly zero, and Mary's mouth opened new worlds for him. He was totally
unprepared for the feeling of a warm, wet mouth on his penis, and it caused
him to lose control almost immediately. He nearly choked on Stick's
erection, then started thrashing wildly, trying to both welcome and escape
the cascade of sensation. Mary was taking him in for only the third time
when he lurched up off Stick's cock and screeched, "Oh, Gawd, I'm gonna
shoot!" He made an ineffectual attempt to escape, but Mary stayed with him.
He went totally stiff, gave a strained grunt, and the flood began!

Mary was impressed! She had expected quick blasts
squirt...squirt...squirt... What she got was squirrrrt...squirrrt...squirrrt
individual ejaculations were a mouthful, and she was hard pressed to keep
up! She cradled his scrotum and discovered a pair of sizeable balls and
triggered two more shots from Teddy's sperm cannon!

Teddy was elsewhere. He had both hands buried in Mary's strawberry
blonde locks and his whole consciousness poured out the end of his cock with
his seed. When it was over, he collapsed across Stick's crotch and lay
there, boneless, trying to stroke Mary's hair as she gently milked him of
the leftovers. This effort was too much for him to stand on his over
sensitized erection, so he weakly pushed Mary away only to find out that
he really didn't want her mouth gone, either. "Eeasy..." he groaned.

Stick grinned from ear to ear, "Good shit, huh?"

"Oh, fuck, it was..." Words failed Teddy. He gently backed her off
his cock, scooted down and kissed Mary full on the mouth.

Mary couldn't have been more surprised if he'd hit her with a baseball
bat! Shock and surprise started it, but then her emotions went haywire in a
cascade reaction that the high state of arousal that Stick's efforts at her
clit and in her vagina only served to intensify. While she fervently
returned the kiss, tears leaked from her eyes and she began to shake,
clutching Teddy to her.

Teddy broke the kiss and locked eyes with Stick. "Fuck her now!
I've got this end!" He took a nipple in each hand and resumed the kiss.

Stick shrugged. When Teddy had disengaged from his erection, it had
left him at loose ends, so... He gently repositioned Mary, bringing her leg
down from the couch back, and began to rub the tip of his erection along her
wet furrow while maintaining the clitoral stimulation.

Mary was having a tough time with control. Teddy had turned an
uncomplicated act of generosity into an emotional event for her, and the
fact that she knew it was dangerous to the relationship she was trying to
foster didn't help her to deal with it. The unmistakable feel of a cock
head at her entrance DID distract her from Teddy's insistent lips, however.
Teddy recognized the shift of her attention, and disengaged his lips from
hers, moving them to her right breast.

Mary was tight! She might be big, and she might NOT be virgin, but
her li'l pussy hole was snug! Stick was deeply surprised as he worked the
head of his cock through the tight ring at the entrance to Mary's vagina.
It was difficult, despite the copious flow of Mary's lubricant and the fact
that Stick's cock was still wet from Teddy's saliva. But it was hot and
sweet, and Stick couldn't remember ever feeling ANYTHING so good! He
managed to wedge in about two inches, then backed off a bit to spread the
lubrication, moving slowly despite the incredible levels of sensation. He
managed another inch or so on the next stroke, and another on the next, but
it was taking all of his willpower not to just go nuts and try to bury his
meat while blowing his wad! He glanced up from the point of insertion to
find both Teddy and Mary watching him, Mary looking anxious, eyes wet. "You
okay, Babe?" he asked. Mary nodded, wideeyed, and reached down to grab and
support her knees, spreading herself a bit wider. Stick was reaching the
point where he was getting a serious amount six or seven inches buried
with each stroke. Catching Teddy's eye, he wheezed, "You gotta (puff) try
this! (gasp) It's fuckin' (puff) incredible! (wheeze) If you thought (puff)
a blowjob (gasp) was good..." Teddy grinned around the nipple he was
chewing, and Mary relaxed a bit, her eyes going glassy as she concentrated
on feeling Stick at work.

Mary was flatly amazed. Every time Stick drove forward, there was
more of him filling her hungry channel! And it felt wonderful! Stick was
taking his time, not making like a jackrabbit but slowly forcing open the
folds of her tunnel in an effort to fit the monstrous length of his
erection, and she could feel every millimeter of new ground that he covered.
For he was DEFINITELY into new ground none of her previous sexual partners
had been blessed with Stick's amazing length!

The next instroke ended with Stick's glans butted up against Mary's
cervix, so he held it there for a moment. Mary glanced down, surprised
she'd expected to feel his pubic bone on hers. The glance made the reason
obvious; there was a good inch and a half of Stick's cockshaft showing!
Stick maintained a gentle pressure, wondering, 'Will she stretch out? Is
this a regular thing?' Nobody had ever mentioned the idea that he might
bottom out... As a distraction, he asked Teddy, "So, how does she kiss?"

"Pretty good!" Teddy replied, "I'd recommend it!"

Stick nodded and shifted forward to try it himself... But he didn't
get there, something weird was happening!

Mary felt it, too, and the pair locked eyes in astonishment as Mary's
cervix flowered open to accept the head of Stick's cock!

"Wo!" Stick flowed forward, his glans lodging beyond Mary's cervix.
It was like a pussy in a pussy! "Holy shit!"

Mary was mildly uncomfortable, but she was SOOO full of cock! "E
easy!" she moaned, "I don't think it's supposed to do that!"

" 'Kay!" Stick didn't want to hurt Mary, but this got him fully in.
"Do I hafta come out, or can you get used to it?" To demonstrate the
benefit, he rolled his hips, grinding against her mound.

Mary was fighting an instinctual ambivalence. Her hands were up to
push him back, but the sparks coming from her clit as he ground against her
pubic bone felt SOOO good... "Let's see if we can make it work," she
gasped. Maybe if you pop in and out a few times...?"

" 'Kay!" Stick pulled back just enough to extract his glans through
the barrier, then gently slid forward again. The rubbery ring nibbled at
his cock and he moaned, gritting his teeth at the incredible sensation.
"Damn! That shit's unbefuckinglievable! I gotta take it easy, or I'll

That did it there was no way that Mary was going to deny him!
"Okay!" she wheezed, "Take your time! I want to get the full effect!"

Stick nodded and pulled back again, taking a couple of seconds to
master himself before pressing forward again. Then he again held still with
his glans in Mary's uterus.

Teddy looked confused. "What's going on?" he queried.

"I... went past the end..." Stick didn't have the words.

"He's beyond my cervix," Mary amplified. "I'm not sure that's
supposed to happen, but..."

"It's infuckingcredible! Like there's ANOTHER pussy in there! Shit!"
Stick exclaimed, executing another short stroke.

"You aren't hurting her, are you?" Teddy worried.

"No, no, I'm okay!" Mary assured him. "Once won't hurt anything.
I'll ask my doctor if it's bad in the long run, but it doesn't hurt..."
'Much!' she added to herself.

"I'm bein' careful!" Stick sulked.

"No, no, it's fine!" Mary assured him, rubbing his hard chest, "Just
fine!" Teddy looked dubious, but went back to abusing Mary's nipples.

Stick WAS being careful, and every stroke got easier. The mild pain
layered itself under the delicious fullness and the spikes coming from
Mary's clit from the grinding motion Stick was applying while buried to the
hilt, and Mary's hips started to roll in sympathy. "I think we can...speed
it up... now!" she wheezed. Stick nodded and withdrew several inches, then
again socketed himself at a less tentative pace not fast, yet, but with
more authority. Mary gasped.

"You okay?" Stick worried.

"Yeah," Mary nodded, wideeyed, "Felt...good!"

Mary wanted another kiss, but Stick was working from a nearly vertical
position, and thus too distant. So she offered her lips to Teddy, who took
them, working his tongue into her mouth to tease hers. They did battle for
a bit, and Mary pulled back. "Poor Teddy!" she exclaimed, "You want some
more head?"

"Nah, it's okay," Teddy replied, "I wanna watch! Besides, I've got
these to chew!" indicating her nipples.

Mary smiled, but she was starting to drift. Her cervix had dilated to
a comfortable level, and Stick had settled into a nice, long stroke that
took full advantage of his amazing length. Mary's ass was dancing to a tune
dictated by instinct, as she rolled her hips and drove her crotch up to meet
him. Teddy watched her eyes go glassy, then glanced down to watch Sticks
long cock slide in and out between her stretched labia. Mary got redder and
redder, mostly in silence except for some hoarse breathing, but finally the
sensations forced an utterance. "Oh!" she exclaimed, eyes widening as the
first waves began to crash over her, "Oh, fuck!" Then the dam burst, and
the cords stood out on her neck as she tensed to ride the wave of her
climax, wailing, "Oh FUCK MEEEEEEE!!!"

Stick grinned from ear to ear. 'I got this l'il bitch hoppin'!' he
thought to himself, inordinately pleased. Then Mary's pussy began to pulse.
It had been tight before; now he was hard pressed to keep his cock moving as
waves of contractions poured down her clasping tunnel. The novel sensation
was just too much to bear! "AAAAWWWWW SHIIIIIT!!!" Stick squalled at the
top of his lungs as he buried himself and began to pulse out long, thick
streams of cum directly into Mary's uterus. Mary clutched his hips to her
as hers continued to roll, taking him with her. After about thirty seconds,
Stick collapsed forward onto Mary's stomach and chest, spent. "Shit, that
was good!" he groaned.

"Mmmmm!" Mary agreed, rubbing his hard back.
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Sunday, July 25, 2004

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Thursday, July 22, 2004

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Contains adult themes, bondage and sex. Read at your own risk.

Comments and suggestions welcome. Flames cheerfully ignored.

For personal use only if you repost, please include this header.



My wife was always sexually conservative.

Though she had dated regularly in high school and college, when I met
her she was still a virgin.

Although she remained shy about discussing sex, our first few years of
marriage taught me that she was far from frigid. Indeed, she loved to
tease me, as long as we were alone. Even nicer, the longer we were
together the more her sex drive increased.

Through all of that, though, she retained a certain essential shyness.
For me, she would wear sexy lingerie, but only in the house never when
going out. Though she loved it when I ate her cunt, I learned to never
suggest it unless she was already hot she was embarrassed that she
could loose control so easily. And though she loved it when I told her
my fantasies, and even loved to tease me about her numerous imaginary
boyfriends, she would just blush and hug me when I asked her about what
turned her on.

I don't want to sound as if I'm complaining she's loving, sexy, and
very willing in bed. It was just that she was a little bland

One activity she did like, though, was teasing me. She has a very
playful side, and teasing me is her way of indulging it. Usually, I
will retaliate by reading her sex stories from men's magazines the
game is to see who loses their self control first.

The night I shocked her was typical, really: she started out teasing,
and I retaliated. Her ploy was one of her favorites the mythical
boyfriend who had just left when I got home.

". . . if you'd been just a little earlier, you would have found us
still in bed. What would you have done if you found your wife making
love with another man?"

"Wait till he finished, and take you again, twice as hard!"

"You wouldn't be jealous?" Her voice rose.

"Not really just very, very, horny."

"You don't love me?" She sounded shocked, and worried.

"I love you very much. Why do you think I don't?"

"You said you'd like to find me with another man and you wouldn't be
jealous! How could you say that? What would make you jealous?"

"Honey, I was just being truthful seeing you with another man probably
would make me horny. Now if I thought you would leave me for
another man, I'd be as jealous as you'd like more jealous, probably."

"You're kinky the idea turns you on!"

"Well, yes, it does why else are you so wet?"

"I want you, you idiot!"

The rest of the evening, we were too involved for any serious

The idea seemed to persist, though she kept bringing the conversation
back around to it when we weren't in bed, and I had to think through why
the idea turned me on. It soon became evident that though she was
shocked, it turned her on a great deal, too. Not that I expected we
would ever do it, but it became one of the standard stories I'd
whisper in her ear in bed.

Even as a fantasy, though, she had limits the thought of having me
watch her turned her on, but I had to make it seem real, and safe, for
her to cut loose. We may have had one of the only safesexonly,
condomsnotoptional, joint fantasies on record.

This was fun, but we both knew this was only a fantasy. After all, this
was the woman that would never appear in public braless, and wore a one
piece suit to the beach. Still, it added a little bit of spice to our
sex life, so why not?

When our fifteenth anniversary rolled around, we decided to really
celebrate fly to Las Vegas and stay a week, just the two of us. Even
though neither of us gambles a lot, we enjoy the shows, the restaurants,
and the charged atmosphere.

The first couple of nights were fun. We gambled a little, enjoyed a
famous entertainer's show the first night, and a large revue the second.
The third night, though, was our anniversary. I made reservations in
one of the best restaurants in town; afterwards, we would go dancing.

I'd brought my best evening clothes just for this, while she had bought
a new dress just for the occasion. When the time came to dress, she
took over the bathroom and left me to fend for myself outside. I was
just finishing my tie when she came back out.

My first reaction was shock she was gorgeous, as always, but also
very, very, sexy. Usually, her dresses are camoflage attractive,
stylish, but modest. She is short and slender, but she has a lovely
figure if she would ever show it. Tonight, she had.

"Attractive" and "stylish" might still apply, but "modest" certainly did
not. This was more like the setting on a jewel intended to draw the

Her long, dark, hair swept down over her bare shoulders. That lowcut
dress would make it hard to find a bra to fit; it was rather evident
that she hadn't. The dress was clingy, but almost floor length; any
suspicion of modesty was canceled by the slit that almost reached her
left hip.

She stood still for a moment, enjoying my reaction. With an impish
smile, she then raised her skirt to show me that she was wearing a
garter belt and hose, with a tiny, frilly panty underneath. Then I
looked again, and gasped, when I realised that she was wearing
opencrotch panties, tied closed with three little bows. It took an act
of will to keep from ravishing her then and there.

Over dinner, we flirted. She'd already admitted she'd never dare wear
that dress at home, but here nobody knew us, and she revelled in the
longing glances she got from other men (and the envious ones from other

After dinner, we went the dance lounge in our hotel. If anything, the
attention she was drawing increased; though her cheeks were flushed, she
was loving every minute of it. Though we danced mostly together, we
each took a few turns with other partners; she, at least, could have had
a new partner for every dance.

After a couple of hours, we were dancing a slow one. As we held each
other, I whispered a quiet "I love you" in her ear. She just smiled
back. When the music ended, she pulled me back to our table.

"Present time" she told me.

I was a little startled I had given her my gift, a gold bracelet,
before we went out. I stammered.

She grinned at me, her patented, naughtylittlegirl grin, and

"No, silly, mine to you. I want you to go back up to our room and
read the card on your pillow I wanted to surprise you and it was too
big to hide."

Now I was curious. From long experience, I knew that questioning would
only extend the time till she told me she loves to stage manage
surprises. I gave her a kiss, and headed upstairs.

The card didn't clear very much up. It just said:

"Hide in the closet, but leave the door open a crack. Keep quiet. Love
you A."

I was really curious now. That was probably her intention teasing
carried one step further. I silently vowed that tonight she'd get a
fucking she'd never forget.

It seemed like hours before I heard the door opening. I was about ready
to leap out and grab her when I realized that she was not alone. A
bellboy, perhaps? I settled down and waited to be called. When the door
closed, I saw that her companion was one of the men she'd been dancing
with. Surely, she couldn't really be planning to . . .

Surely, she could. I heard her tell him "Hurry! My husband will be back
in an hour or so!"

When he pulled her towards him, she responded eagerly. I nearly
exploded when he unzipped her dress and let it fall to the floor
his gasp masked mine as he took her body in.

She had his clothes off equally fast. I had to stifle a giggle when she
slipped a condom on him she was following our fantasy scenario.
That may have been the last straw as far as far as he was concerned,
though a moment later he had undone the bows on her panties and had
the crotch open.

Even over in the closet, I could see that the material was soaked, and
could smell her arousal. He got the full benefit of it. He growled
deep in his chest, scooped her up, and carried her to the bed.

She wiggled around, slightly, to give me a better view, and spread her
legs wide. Even from the closet, I could see the exited pink of her
inner pussy and hear her whispered "Come on! Fuck me, fuck me now!".

He didn't need to be told twice. Almost before she had finished
speaking, he was on her. I could clearly see his cock sliding into her
cunt, and how she bucked up to meet him. Until she got too involved in
her own frenzy, she made sure that I had a good viewing angle. Even
afterwards, the view was beyond belief.

Was this really my shy, reserved wife, fucking a perfect stranger like a
perfect slut just to turn her husband on? Yes, it was and "slut" was
the term, I decided, as she rolled him over on his back and started
riding him like a madwoman, all wild eyes and bouncing breasts. Even
after they both came, and he started hurridly dressing, she lay sprawled
obscenely on the bed.

The door had barely closed behind him when I burst out of the closet.

"Did you enjoy your present, honey?", she started to ask. Before she
could add anything further, I was on her.

I was like a madman that night. I fucked her in the bed, kneeling
beside it, and in the bathroom. I woke up twice in the night, and had
her again. Even the next morning, I took her in the shower.

I suppose that she is right I am kinky. It's not that I can't get
jealous the thought of losing her is more than I can bear; finding a
perfect lady may be hard, but finding a perfect, loving slut is even

If I didn't know that she loved me, I would probably explode with rage
if she ever did anything like this again. As it is, I just get hornier.
She finally admitted to me that she has a fantasy about two men taking
her at once . . .

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Tuesday, July 20, 2004

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